I studied chemistry at Imperial College, then spent the next 40-odd years in computing, programming, consultancy and some tech writing. In my mid 40s I acquired an MSc in computing from the OU, and more recently I’ve just finished a philosophy BA at Birkbeck. Enough already.

I worked in Brussels for the European Commission and the Parliament and spent most of my adult life in France. The rest of it, was software houses, computer manufacturers and a smart card company near Marseilles.

I stood for the Greens in the local elections in London in 2017, but probably will not do so again. Temperamentally I’m a ‘modern’ (Scott, Graeber, Chomsky, for example) anarchist, eco-anarchist or municipalist (pace Bookchin).

Currently, I’m working on some citizen science projects, the Algorithmic Anarchist and Cclite2. I still do paid work http://big-wave-heuristics.com/, but have given up the blocks of contracting that I used to do.