The Algorithmic Anarchist: 2nd Edition

Printed version now available at: Housmans, Kings X and Freedom Bookshop, Whitechapel.

Here’s the epub version:  the-algorithmic-anarchist as epub

A friend just said that he could read plain pdf more easily, so here we go: pdf version of the exact same thing

Here’s the cover and back of the printed version, the image is Don Quixote as cyberpunk rendered (ironically, of course) by generative AI:




Neutering The Community Assembly Budget Process

Last year, I published this using a slightly less adversarial title. However, we’re one year on, a) not the tiniest thing has changed b) I’ve also been on the other side participating in a project now, so I’ve added some commentary about my experience with that.

Currently the sole solution from the borough is to be defensive and double down on ‘comms’. I had hoped for better, mais ça s’annonce mal whatever that is, in French.

Here you go:  neutering-the-participative-budget-v3

Music Selection

Old tracks from before the flood.

Harmony Dancing Bear: Mamas and Papas Time of the Season (lyrics are somewhat creepy): Zombies She’s not There: Zombies Ancient Traveller: Mighty Baby (lots of Hendrix style white notes)

Psychedelia White Rabbit: Jefferson Airplane Egyptian Tomb: Mighty Baby House without Windows: Mighty Baby Maybe the People will…: Love (the reference is to the Whisky A Gogo) Sunny Day Strut: Hot Tuna (spun this on the Oregon State Uni station in Corvallis in about 1986)

Funk Low Rider: WAR Picking Up the Pieces: Average White Band Hihache: Lafayette Afro Rock Band Funkadelic : Cosmic Slop (Michael Hampton is under the hat, I think) Maggot Brain: Funkadelic with Eddie Hazell (not really funk but) Creepin’ : Bootsie + Kingfish (and Mrs Bootsie?)

Rock/Blues Little Red Rooster: Stones (this is a Willie Dixon song though) Prodigal Son : Johnny Winter and Rick Derringer (I think)

Hendrix Up From Skies: Hendrix (becomes more relevant each year) Angel: Hendrix Little Wing: Hendrix (don’t leave home without this) One Rainy Wish: Hendrix

Folk Revival Who Knows where the Time Goes: Fairport Convention (Sandy Denny Period) First Time I Ever Saw Your Face : Jansch Sunday Morning: Michael Chapman (one guitar DGDGBE tuning?)