Neutering The Community Assembly Budget Process

Last year, I published this using a slightly less adversarial title. However, we’re one year on, a) not the tiniest thing has changed b) I’ve also been on the other side participating in a project now, so I’ve added some commentary about my experience with that.

Currently the sole solution from the borough is to be defensive and double down on ‘comms’. I had hoped for better, mais ça s’annonce mal whatever that is, in French.

Here you go:  neutering-the-participative-budget-v3

Music Selection

Old tracks from before the flood.

Harmony Dancing Bear: Mamas and Papas Time of the Season (lyrics are somewhat creepy): Zombies She’s not There: Zombies Ancient Traveller: Mighty Baby (lots of Hendrix style white notes)

Psychedelia White Rabbit: Jefferson Airplane Egyptian Tomb: Mighty Baby House without Windows: Mighty Baby Maybe the People will…: Love (the reference is to the Whisky A Gogo) Sunny Day Strut: Hot Tuna (spun this on the Oregon State Uni station in Corvallis in about 1986)

Funk Low Rider: WAR Picking Up the Pieces: Average White Band Hihache: Lafayette Afro Rock Band Funkadelic : Cosmic Slop (Michael Hampton is under the hat, I think) Maggot Brain: Funkadelic with Eddie Hazell (not really funk but) Creepin’ : Bootsie + Kingfish (and Mrs Bootsie?)

Rock/Blues Little Red Rooster: Stones (this is a Willie Dixon song though) Prodigal Son : Johnny Winter and Rick Derringer (I think)

Hendrix Up From Skies: Hendrix (becomes more relevant each year) Angel: Hendrix Little Wing: Hendrix (don’t leave home without this) One Rainy Wish: Hendrix

Folk Revival Who Knows where the Time Goes: Fairport Convention (Sandy Denny Period) First Time I Ever Saw Your Face : Jansch Sunday Morning: Michael Chapman (one guitar DGDGBE tuning?)


Print Copy of The Algorithmic Anarchist

The first edition is now on Lulu  Algorithmic Anarchist: The Book . The ‘book’  has the original A-Z content, a couple of essays from 2009, Library 451 (how some UK libraries are being neutered by US origin algorithms) and my final essay submission on green municipalism at Birkbeck in 2019.

The original as a PDF is still freely available PDF of the Algorithmic Anarchist and accompanies the printed book, since all the footnotes etc. are clickable.

I also still have some review copies if people want to DM me on Twitter with a physical address. The cover is an impression of the Ile St Martin on the edge of Gruissan.