Making the Banks Listen

Actually, WE do have some say in whether the banks decide to listen to the government on interest rates. There's a list of all the mutual building societies remaining on the Building Societies Association website. These societies do not have shareholders to 'satisfy' with larger and larger profits. Also, there are credit unions in many parts of the UK, same principle.

As of this week, I'm leaving HBOS (after twenty years) and doing my banking with one of the bigger mutuals, probably Nationwide. I'm an advocate of financial reform anyway (LETS, alternative currencies, look it up!) so I'm putting my money where my mouth is.

If a significant number of other people start doing this, we'll see some changes in attitude as their custom drops away. We do need banking but not necessarily via the profit and bonus obsessed major banks. It's a necessary service in a modern world, not an unlimited opportunity for the profiteering that has already significantly damaged all our lives.