SNT: The Policing Gap

In Limehouse, we've spent about two years working with the Safer Neighbourhoods Team with some success. The relationship is usually good. At the moment, the area is less turbulent and probably less druggy. However, random intruders still turn up in our blocks to drink and (probably) drug, piss and vomit in our stairwells and common areas.

Power of Information: Sir Humphrey and the Interweb

Well, one half-hearted cheer for the 'power of information' which should be retitled the 'power of plagiarism'. That is, most of the useful work in the report, was done by others, OpenStreetMap,Open Knowledge Foundation, WSFII et al. somewhat previously and only patchily credited.

Music, well you were warned

I've been talking to people about music a great deal, so recently, I've decided to let some 'drafts' see the light of day.

These were recorded in Gruissan on a small digital 2 track in one go. Sometimes you can hear a neigbour's dog barking. Don't expect too much from my singing or the production values, therefore...

Third Version of Debian Package for Cclite is Ready

The third version of the Debian package for Cclite, which was prepared on/for Ubuntu is ready and on the Cclite page with some instructions.

As of 1st Janaury 2009 there is an 0.6.0 package containing a complete SMS protocol (PIN confirmation, locking, transaction, send balance to email) and I've lined up the to access that.

In ../batch/graph there's a rough script that will produce transaction volumes graphs. It needs GD::Graph etc. etc.

Cclite Package for Debian

As of November 2008, I'm preparing and testing a Debian style package for Cclite. This is in response to comments (cough, cough) about the challenging install process. I'm targeting private test installations on Ubuntu desktops but I'll gradually broaden to Ubuntu server and Debian-based where possible. First version of the package will be towards the end of November 2008 giving a tidier, re-skinned version of Cclite 0.5.0

Making the Banks Listen

Actually, WE do have some say in whether the banks decide to listen to the government on interest rates. There's a list of all the mutual building societies remaining on the Building Societies Association website. These societies do not have shareholders to 'satisfy' with larger and larger profits. Also, there are credit unions in many parts of the UK, same principle.

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