East End Lies: Now even the Government Agrees

We can see the collosal internal illogic of nu-lab, when we read this.

That is, the powerful people (as-if) in nu-lab central gov are briefing against them, our local nu-lab 'mp' (who slavishly votes with the party, could be replaced by a simple electrical circuit) refuses to do anything about them and Tower Hamlets nu-lab council loves them. I'm with stupid (or incoherent), eh, guys?

So much so, that this stupid, inaccurate, unbalanced, pathetic rag which is hated by everyone in the borough (well done, that takes some doing, uniting left and right like that!) is published each week, thus creating an negative externality (let me look that up for you guys, you don't know anything about democracy, so I don't expect any knowledge of neo-classical economics) in the form of an immediate recycling problem.

Open Source Talks and Demonstrations: 8th October

In recent months the U.K.Government has been supporting a switch to open-source software.

To discuss open source and see it in action,  we invite you to an open afternoon at the Social Club on the Exmouth Estate, Commercial Road on Thursday the 8th October.

There will be a buffet lunch and panel talk/discussion starting at
12.30pm. After lunch there will be demonstrations of open source
software and a closer look at the Linux based computer drop-in within
the Social Club (ProjEx)

You can see the full details of the event and register for it here: http://eday.eventbrite.com/  Places are free but limited to 150, because of the capacity of the Social Club.

Tower Hamlets Linux Users Group, anyone?

We're about to try and form a Linux Users Group in the borough. If anyone's interested (and the group will be open source, in general, though emphasis on Linux) please use the contact form to get in touch with us.

LBTH: Enabling Illiteracy

I think everyone understands the dysfunctional idea of enabling nowadays?

I lived in France and Belgium for about twenty years, spoke English in private but all official documentation was in French (or Flemish). It's worth saying that I lived mainly in Seine Saint-Denis (93) in France, a department with a substantial north African population. I expected the official stuff to be in French and did not expect translation. Bottom line: I had to learn some French.

Democracy in Action: Control agenda style

It's a warm afternoon, so, instead of working, I though I'd surf on down to the wretched No 10 e-petition site (more, let's pretend to engage stuff) and make a little random trouble. However to my disappointment, I found:

Notice: Submission of new petitions will be closed until 7th September while the Prime Minister is away from Number 10. You can still sign any petition during this time

Public Choice Theory and the Olympics

Well, Coe-baby's £10billion egg and spoon race is a really good example of public choice theory at work. Public choice theory describes why politicians mainly do things that are against the public interest:

Public Choice theory is often used to explain how political decision-making results in outcomes that conflict with the preferences of the general public. For example, many special interest and pork barrel projects are not the desire of the overall democracy. However, it makes sense for politicians to support these projects. It may make them feel powerful and important.

Don't use Raileasy

Just booked my first and last rail ticket from Raileasy. They nickel and dime you a 'booking fee' and a debit card 'fee' and then provide 'phone lines' at £1 per minute, in case you want to ask anything.

Also, they are in breach of European spam regulations, since the 'spam me' box is ticked on the submit page.

Should be called Railsleazy, in fact, can everyone call it that from now on? To use the technical vocabulary:

another bunch of sleazy corporate tossers


Politicians and nappies

This just in from Slashdot:

politicians are like babies' nappies: they should both be changed regularly and for the same reasons

LBTH: How not to deal with graffiti

Well, how we love those wacky folk up in their Mulberry fortress, dancing the denial-dance and publishing spin-o-rama aka Pravda aka East End Lies, their only tangible 'product' (apart from waste and expense, that is). They are so -cute-, if you'll forgive the American diction.

Meanwhile, I started to run again today, along the Limehouse Cut and it's covered with a heavy, fresh crop of graffiti. A few random remarks about this:

Sensor networks and social policy bonds

Here's a little paper, that I've been meaning to hack out since I wrote the notes in April on the train from Ubon Ratchathani and the Buddhist economics conference.

I probably haven't finished with it. Citysense which is pretty proprietary and limited: http://www.citysense.net/ is running in Boston. However, my feeling is for much less telemetry (less data) and more sensors.

It's all fairly Stafford Beery, but I'm a big admirer of systems over politics, far less posturing, things sort-of work or they don't.

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