Tower Hamlets Homes: A Waste of Energy (and mass)

In the last few days, I've received (apart from the putrescent East End Lies 'Press Pass Porky Benefits Borough', haha):

  • Open Door: A pointless publication containing THH spin
  • Leasholder Focus: A pointless publication containing nothing
  • Repair Newsletter No2 (No 1 is missing collector's item?)
  • Invitation to a 'Residents Fair'
  • Another leaflet for the 'Residents Fair'
  • An Invitation to a 'Repair Day' (chance for EPS to do make-work and overcharge everyone)

This, of course is point-scoring by the 'new' and apparently spin-obsessed, value-for-money-dead, senior management team.

In spite of this (or because of this, it's called 'taking your eye off the ball', theirs was never on it of course), my central heating is still running full tilt on Friday 29th May. It's actually making noises, because there's steam (not hot water) somewhere in the system. They are then proposing to use the public purse (and try and make me pay, for all these separated instances of waste, spin and rank stupidity).

We are paying, of course for the 'services' (a team of twenty? thirty?) of Charles Skinner and the 'media centre' for the leaflets. We are wasting our own time collecting them. We are wasting natural resources printing them. We are wasting street cleaners time getting them off the streets. We are wasting more public money recycling them.

Actually, what THH (and LBTH, the borough) don't tell you is that 'value for money' is a key indicator for local government. But it's clearly not a phrase ever uttered either within the LBTH Mulberry fortress or THH. More on all this anon.