THH motto: Always do the wrong thing

It's Sunday and someone (I suspect) from our horticultural 'contractor' (already overspent by £80K but hey, it's only our money) has come to fill our new planters with soil and flowers:

  • There's nothing urgent about this, except perhaps the overtime rates and thus revenue streams (add 10% tip for THH too! nice!) for the council and the contractor
  • Some of the plants are in flower and they look like annuals. Another nice little earner, they have to be replaced, preferably on a Sunday or at midnight
  • I offered both bushes and wild flowers. But we mustn't listen to residents or the false lure of biodiversity (they just published a 'plan') where would it all end? Command economy and shut-up-and-be-grateful rules
  • The plants are easily vandalised unlike the bushes that we wanted. Also, the thorny ones, prevent climbing the riverside fence
  • I suspect this is to do with estate inspection and Audit Commission, they love photo-ops in hastily constructed Potemkin villages

If ever we needed a symbol of bad faith and bad management it's these smiling petals.

Some ALMOs are trying for efficiency gains unlike our bloated, excessive, disempowering, bad-value, self-congratulatory (their main product is leaflets, in fact), in-denial, rapacious, non-transparent (see 'partnership agreement', the council and the contractor combine to screw the taxpayer and leaseholders) pile of doggy-do.