Smart Meters, Dumb Politicians, Greedy Energy Companies

So, to distract us from expenses row, we are all to get smart meters, and life will become so much better. Hopefully, these smart meters will march on Westminster and Whitehall and conduct citizen's arrests of the confused, arrogant and lazy people that 'work' there.

Meanwhile, I asked Energywatch about this in 2004 and received a Sir Humphrey style letter (I'll put the scan up in a couple of days) saying that 'it was not cost effective for suppliers' (of course, the consumer is not in the equation at all, even at Energywatch indolence rules).

It would be very useful to attach a -consumer- side data interface to this (ethernet interface with a clear specification for data/exchange, easy really), so that savvy consumers at all levels can examine, model and improve their individual energy usage in detail.

However, since these monies seem to be a huge public subsidy for a profiteering industry (remember how we just 'helped' the banks at enormous cost to the public purse?) rather than a useful and radical step towards green living for we proles, this is unlikely to happen.