LBTH: How not to deal with graffiti

Well, how we love those wacky folk up in their Mulberry fortress, dancing the denial-dance and publishing spin-o-rama aka Pravda aka East End Lies, their only tangible 'product' (apart from waste and expense, that is). They are so -cute-, if you'll forgive the American diction.

Meanwhile, I started to run again today, along the Limehouse Cut and it's covered with a heavy, fresh crop of graffiti. A few random remarks about this:

  • They could use Pravda to campaign against graffiti, but that's just too sensible to consider isn't? Also, they'd have to admit that the borough was imperfect
  • They could also talk to British Waterways to coordinate removal, since various bits 'belong' to LBTH and other to British Waterways. I did this last year, for them
  • They could stop being lazy and using white to paint out. This just creates a canvas for further graffiti. Duh!
  • Or some of the space can be used for street art. It's just gang, tagger and postcode tags that need elimination
  • Some of the surfaces can be covered with ivy and vine etc., the best anti-graffiti coating
  • Since cleaning costs are high, they could offer bounties and incentives and make examples of one or two culprits
  • They could use some anti-graffiti paint. Once graffiti has been cleared twice in quick succession, it usually stays off, these 'artists' are lazy
  • They could be proactive (now I'm going too far, aren't I?) and look for graffiti in the borough rather than wait for us to complain. Duh! Duh, again!
  • They could start teaching about graffiti in their 'schools' to stamp out the whole subculture
  • They could use 'payback' as we did last year with the SNT
  • They could try and do one job properly and stop when all graffiti are gone, not just a bit here and there

I'm now in full cost recovery mode and I'm logging time spent on anything that the borough has failed to do. They do talk about graffiti, but that's as far as it goes.

Still I suppose they are too busy with self-congratulation to think about any of this. Meanwhile the borough walls look like the inside of LBTH thought processes, ugly and messy.