LBTH: Enabling Illiteracy

I think everyone understands the dysfunctional idea of enabling nowadays?

I lived in France and Belgium for about twenty years, spoke English in private but all official documentation was in French (or Flemish). It's worth saying that I lived mainly in Seine Saint-Denis (93) in France, a department with a substantial north African population. I expected the official stuff to be in French and did not expect translation. Bottom line: I had to learn some French.

Compare and contrast to the translation policy of the Tower Hamlets so-called council. The translations encourage English-language illiteracy (and therefore economic inactivity/poverty) and (of course) help the non-transparency agenda of the council. It's worth adding that leaves a more compliant 'electorate' too, they're on a roll.

This is a good example of the dependence/addiction pattern described by Dana Meadows in her Thinking in Systems too. Not that anyone in LBTH would deign to read a book, would they?

Here's a letter that pushes this argument a lot further, in a more sinister direction.