Hugh's Mud

I've been spending some down-time from cclite and all the other more serious things, developing a Perl based simple MUD framework. I looked for one, honest, and couldn't find anything that suited. The project page is here: Sourceforge seems to have improved a lot recently.

There's a somewhat serious purpose in that I want to make a simple, hackable ecology game where you can plant things, build things etc. but I don't want farmville [tm, no doubt]. Also it's a bit of a playground for JQuery, Ajax with JQuery, SVG with Raphael.js, Parse::RecDescent and other things that it might be fun to combine.

Also, it's making me think about rules and Wittgenstein, what can be thought and can be shown. For example, I can take a screwdriver but it seems a little unreasonable to take another player and put him or her in my bag. Others may feel, why not?

Finally about abstract maps, things and beings may be near or far in many senses apart from the geographical one. Graph theory and diagrams show these relationships better than scores and lists.

On the other hand, it's just messing around really, one of my best things, when I have time.