Election Season: Top Tips

Well, it's the election season again. Having been harangued during a TRA meeting and door-knocked by the massing hordes bearing a kind-of (pace, Jimmy Hendrix) wisdom. Here's my top tips for everyone from the conventional parties:

  • Don't attack each other and conduct 'campaigns', we're not stupid and have grown out of Punch and Judy
  • Tell us what you are actually going to do, at local level, you can provide quite a lot of detail
  • Symbols and symbolic action are nice but only when everything else is perfect
  • If you are standing, it's nice if you are local and we have detailed bios
  • Even better if you participated in local life during non-election periods, don't be a stranger, as they (we) say
  • Listen, don't justify, you may learn something
  • Don't be 'politicians', we're sick of it, try and be servants/representatives of the people
  • Be bold, break out of the Mulberry fortress and Westminster bubble to make contact with actual change
  • Be green, actually there's just one London as there is one earth, a matter that transcends left, right and centre

I hope that helps, but I'm not at all confident that it will. And remember finally that large scale incompetence is indistinguishable from malice. Time to leave and go to Gruissan, perhaps.