East End Life: From Spin to Misuse of Public Funds

Well, the last round of discussion about the execrable, spintastic, inaccurate and childish (hey, choose an adjective!) East End Lies, the local Pradva produced by Tower Hamlets Council, met with some childish stonewalling from the 'complaints' department to quote Ms Dowden:

The Council has answered your complaint and is not willing to enter into further correspondence on this matter

Actually, all I've received is evasion and changes of subject, rather like a child caught in some trivial wrongdoing (except that council officers who create democratic deficit on purpose and try to ruin the local newspaper, that's not trivial, is it?).

So I'm happy to see the battle has broken out elsewhere in a more high profile way.

Equally, with financial data and the continuous breaches of the council code for publicity (relevance, balance just to take two uncontroversial headings) we now move towards something more serious. With luck some of the complicit (scrutiny, the complaints department) will end up in serious legal trouble with the rest. Bring it on!

Postscript: Since I've just attended a TRA (Tenants and Residents Association) meeting tonight and heard a story about a significant complaint being pushed into the memory hole (that's from a little book by a bloke called Eric Blair aka George Orwell, guys) by Tower Hamlets so-called 'complaints' department, apparently this attitude is endemic. Sanctions must follow.