Open Coops: Federated API Introduction

I’m going to try and talk pretty quickly, so that there’s time to discuss from the floor. I hoped for mini-unconference format, but the seating etc. doesn’t allow it, so we’ll have to go with something more conventional.

So I see two problems in platform coop world that could do with thought, discussion and technical experimentation. They are:

1. Givem, Open food networks, Open cycle etc there are connections and supply chain opportunities to federate. Simple example cargo-bike delivery for something from a local food coop. More complex, search, production and delivery of some 3d printed component, 3dhub does this pretty well in commercial space for example.

2. And this is dealt with somewhat in some of the other sessions, transfer of value and clearing operations for these eco-systems. There are some quite successful examples Sardex and the WIR for example. I’m an old fashioned social credit person, but we may have to deal with interconnected systems that have different financial philosophies too. I’m not a big fan of ‘one ring to rule them all’, there’s a lot of safety in diversity.

3. There’s a lot of layers, ontology layers (what things and operations exist), pure protocol choices (REST and (ugh) SOAP), versioning, discovery, security and ‘intimate details’. I think it will probably turn out to be ‘rough consensus and running code’ leading to standards rather than pages of imposed standards.

Michael Linton has publish an Open Money API and there’s currently a Web Payments API, these may be examples of ‘where to start’ or not.

OK, that’s it, I hope that’s provocative if not immediately useful.

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