Clacton Festival, big thanks, some info on my talk

Well I really, really enjoyed this, a delightful pocket festival and a big thank you to the organisers and everyone I met. Managed to make a certain amount of noise, probably too much.

Also ate a lot of cake, that does happen if one is unsupervised. I am hoping for some action from the government this year to stop this and the accompanying sugar rush. Secondary legislation of some kind will probably be fine, if clearly drafted, community health is an ideal starting point, hint, hint. People must be PROTECTED and we must THINK OF THE CHILDREN, mustn’t we?

Here below is the notes I used for alternative money talk. Contact me if you’d like further reading etc. I’ll probably upgrade this real-soon-now (that is, sometime next year).

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East End Lies: Now even the Government Agrees

We can see the collosal internal illogic of nu-lab, when we read this.

That is, the powerful people (as-if) in nu-lab central gov are briefing against them, our local nu-lab ‘mp’ (who slavishly votes with the party, could be replaced by a simple electrical circuit) refuses to do anything about them and Tower Hamlets nu-lab council loves them. I’m with stupid (or incoherent), eh, guys?

So much so, that this stupid, inaccurate, unbalanced, pathetic rag which is hated by everyone in the borough (well done, that takes some doing, uniting left and right like that!) is published each week, thus creating an negative externality (let me look that up for you guys, you don’t know anything about democracy, so I don’t expect any knowledge of neo-classical economics) in the form of an immediate recycling problem.

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