Hugh's Mud

I've been spending some down-time from cclite and all the other more serious things, developing a Perl based simple MUD framework. I looked for one, honest, and couldn't find anything that suited. The project page is here: Sourceforge seems to have improved a lot recently.

There's a somewhat serious purpose in that I want to make a simple, hackable ecology game where you can plant things, build things etc. but I don't want farmville [tm, no doubt]. Also it's a bit of a playground for JQuery, Ajax with JQuery, SVG with Raphael.js, Parse::RecDescent and other things that it might be fun to combine.

Also, it's making me think about rules and Wittgenstein, what can be thought and can be shown. For example, I can take a screwdriver but it seems a little unreasonable to take another player and put him or her in my bag. Others may feel, why not?

Dorxmas Mini Talk: Open Source Computer Suites

I've attached a mini-talk about the Debian/Ubuntu based drop-ins created on the Exmouth Estate and the Barleymow Estate in Tower Hamlets. This is meant to occupy about five minutes during dorxmas:

Both of these were created with very small [in the case of Barleymow, none] amounts of funding and will not disappear because of artificial upgrade cycles either. Both of them use older PCs, some between five and ten years old. It costs an enormous amount of energy and physical resource to make a PC and therefore their lifetime should be as long as feasible.

Actually that applies, pretty much, to everything that we make: Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle.

Tokyo Days

Down to my last couple of days in Tokyo, a great visit. I spent some of today before the rain on a minor suburban adventure to visit Shimo-kitazawa: a sort-of nicer Camden, now menaced, as usual by development.

Had lunch in a cafe set to the Stone's music at about the time of Altamont, Gimme Shelter, I know it's not real but pleasant to bathe in some of those previous days. Kids cycling around with solid guitar cases strapped on their backs too.

Back to London on Wednesday, just my fairly minimal Japanese is beginning to function too.

Global Ideas Bank: OKcon Talk

Here's the little talk about the current state and the future of the Global Ideas Bank, given at Okcon in 2010.

Please contact me if you read this and would like to help.

The Unbearable Indolence of the Electoral Commission

I've written to the electoral commission twice in the past couple of weeks about alleged irregularities in the petition for directly elected mayor in Tower Hamlets

Actually, these claims were not made by myself (a member of the disempowered and counts-for-nothing citizenry) but by Channel 4 (big media, counts for something, therefore) during a Dispatches documentary.

On both occasions, they haven't deigned to reply. So like all the other oversight-theatre-garbage (LGO, FSA, Fair Trading, the Audit Commission) we can assume that their core comptence is hand-sitting in anticipation of hugely inflated public sector pensions.

They are active however in that they have aboutmyvote, something inhabited by diseased and rotting PR people (those that couldn't get a private sector job, the bar is pretty low) who tell us how important it will be to legitimise the array of polluted and dying brands called 'parties'.

Postal vote fraudsters, to your marks, no-one is awake or watching!

GPG Public Key

This key is valid for the current six months. Use it to encrypt email to my gmail address and to validate various things that I claimed to have signed.

Now that UK Gov is beginning to enter a phase of particular stupidity and intrusion, more and more communications will be encrypted.

Goodbye Fruit and Nut: Hello Chocolate cheese spread

Well, I'm not buying anything from Cadbury as of today, another US buyout. Of course, the advisors are apparently RBS, so mummy's boy will pocket another big wad from this.

It also turns out that they were busy stabbing Cadburys in the back. Good going for a publically owned bank and mummy's boy who didn't let anything approaching ethics or accepted practice restrain them.

Incidentally the sleazy 'half-truth in advertising/teaser rate' Direct Line are an RBS subsidiary, don't buy anything from them either, at least until some of these parasites are thrown out.

We lose one of our last big manufacturers and see nothing in return. Would you like chocolate cheese fries with that? Nice foreign war maybe? I don't think they say.

Election Season: Top Tips

Well, it's the election season again. Having been harangued during a TRA meeting and door-knocked by the massing hordes bearing a kind-of (pace, Jimmy Hendrix) wisdom. Here's my top tips for everyone from the conventional parties:

  • Don't attack each other and conduct 'campaigns', we're not stupid and have grown out of Punch and Judy
  • Tell us what you are actually going to do, at local level, you can provide quite a lot of detail
  • Symbols and symbolic action are nice but only when everything else is perfect
  • If you are standing, it's nice if you are local and we have detailed bios
  • Even better if you participated in local life during non-election periods, don't be a stranger, as they (we) say
  • Listen, don't justify, you may learn something
  • Don't be 'politicians', we're sick of it, try and be servants/representatives of the people
  • Be bold, break out of the Mulberry fortress and Westminster bubble to make contact with actual change

East End Life: From Spin to Misuse of Public Funds

Well, the last round of discussion about the execrable, spintastic, inaccurate and childish (hey, choose an adjective!) East End Lies, the local Pradva produced by Tower Hamlets Council, met with some childish stonewalling from the 'complaints' department to quote Ms Dowden:

The Council has answered your complaint and is not willing to enter into further correspondence on this matter

Actually, all I've received is evasion and changes of subject, rather like a child caught in some trivial wrongdoing (except that council officers who create democratic deficit on purpose and try to ruin the local newspaper, that's not trivial, is it?).

So I'm happy to see the battle has broken out elsewhere in a more high profile way.

Clacton Festival, big thanks, some info on my talk

Well I really, really enjoyed this, a delightful pocket festival and a big thank you to the organisers and everyone I met. Managed to make a certain amount of noise, probably too much.

Also ate a lot of cake, that does happen if one is unsupervised. I am hoping for some action from the government this year to stop this and the accompanying sugar rush. Secondary legislation of some kind will probably be fine, if clearly drafted, community health is an ideal starting point, hint, hint. People must be PROTECTED and we must THINK OF THE CHILDREN, mustn't we?

Here below is the notes I used for alternative money talk. Contact me if you'd like further reading etc. I'll probably upgrade this real-soon-now (that is, sometime next year).

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