This site is for my personal projects, in computing and social change. These projects cover local improvement, digital literacy, open source software, urban ecology, citizen's telemetry, computer recycling and re-purposing, biodiversity, financial reform and deep democracy (local councils in London).

I'm no longer supporting or volunteering for large, unresponsive, public-choice driven, grant funded organisations with well-paid 'CEOs' and publicity machines or false-flag social enterprises. No more GAS, Grant-Assisted Self-Congratulation. I'm just concentrating on the small and within reach.

There's hardly any time to eat at Wings Buffet, Tayyabs, Lahore Kebab, New World or even the Anchor Cafe. but I manage somehow.

If you want more information, use the contact form. The currently active projects are listed in the menu.

If you want to use my consulting or programming services, please go to the commercial site.