Platform Cooperatives and Anarchism

This is the second draft of a talk I gave on 25th November 2017 to the Anarchist Research Group in London. Currently, I’m thinking about it as a ‘living document’, so it will probably get updated in a month or two as a response to criticisms and areas of discussion that have opened up.

Thanks to everyone that has contributed, so far. I think you all know who you are.  See below for the download link to the pdf.


Tokyo Days

Down to my last couple of days in Tokyo, a great visit. I spent some of today before the rain on a minor suburban adventure to visit Shimo-kitazawa: a sort-of nicer Camden, now menaced, as usual by development.

Had lunch in a cafe set to the Stone’s music at about the time of Altamont, Gimme Shelter, I know it’s not real but pleasant to bathe in some of those previous days. Kids cycling around with solid guitar cases strapped on their backs too.

Back to London on Wednesday, just my fairly minimal Japanese is beginning to function too.

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The Unbearable Indolence of the Electoral Commission

I’ve written to the electoral commission twice in the past couple of weeks about alleged irregularities in the petition for directly elected mayor in Tower Hamlets

Actually, these claims were not made by myself (a member of the disempowered and counts-for-nothing citizenry) but by Channel 4 (big media, counts for something, therefore) during a Dispatches documentary.

On both occasions, they haven’t deigned to reply. So like all the other oversight-theatre-garbage (LGO, FSA, Fair Trading, the Audit Commission) we can assume that their core comptence is hand-sitting in anticipation of hugely inflated public sector pensions.

They are active however in that they have aboutmyvote, something inhabited by diseased and rotting PR people (those that couldn’t get a private sector job, the bar is pretty low) who tell us how important it will be to legitimise the array of polluted and dying brands called ‘parties’.

Postal vote fraudsters, to your marks, no-one is awake or watching!

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Clacton Festival, big thanks, some info on my talk

Well I really, really enjoyed this, a delightful pocket festival and a big thank you to the organisers and everyone I met. Managed to make a certain amount of noise, probably too much.

Also ate a lot of cake, that does happen if one is unsupervised. I am hoping for some action from the government this year to stop this and the accompanying sugar rush. Secondary legislation of some kind will probably be fine, if clearly drafted, community health is an ideal starting point, hint, hint. People must be PROTECTED and we must THINK OF THE CHILDREN, mustn’t we?

Here below is the notes I used for alternative money talk. Contact me if you’d like further reading etc. I’ll probably upgrade this real-soon-now (that is, sometime next year).

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East End Lies: Now even the Government Agrees

We can see the collosal internal illogic of nu-lab, when we read this.

That is, the powerful people (as-if) in nu-lab central gov are briefing against them, our local nu-lab ‘mp’ (who slavishly votes with the party, could be replaced by a simple electrical circuit) refuses to do anything about them and Tower Hamlets nu-lab council loves them. I’m with stupid (or incoherent), eh, guys?

So much so, that this stupid, inaccurate, unbalanced, pathetic rag which is hated by everyone in the borough (well done, that takes some doing, uniting left and right like that!) is published each week, thus creating an negative externality (let me look that up for you guys, you don’t know anything about democracy, so I don’t expect any knowledge of neo-classical economics) in the form of an immediate recycling problem.

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Open Source Talks and Demonstrations: 8th October

In recent months the U.K.Government has been supporting a switch to open-source software.

To discuss open source and see it in action,  we invite you to an open afternoon at the Social Club on the Exmouth Estate, Commercial Road on Thursday the 8th October.

There will be a buffet lunch and panel talk/discussion starting at
12.30pm. After lunch there will be demonstrations of open source
software and a closer look at the Linux based computer drop-in within
the Social Club (ProjEx)

You can see the full details of the event and register for it here:  Places are free but limited to 150, because of the capacity of the Social Club.

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LBTH: Enabling Illiteracy

I think everyone understands the dysfunctional idea of enabling nowadays?

I lived in France and Belgium for about twenty years, spoke English in private but all official documentation was in French (or Flemish). It’s worth saying that I lived mainly in Seine Saint-Denis (93) in France, a department with a substantial north African population. I expected the official stuff to be in French and did not expect translation. Bottom line: I had to learn some French.

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